Innovation Through Research and Development

Remaining competitive in today’s economy requires innovative products and manufacturing solutions. Fraunhofer USA CMW offers an influx of innovation to our customers in the form of technologies that are ready to be tested and deployed into manufacturing environments.

Specifically, our projects aim at innovating our customer’s products with coating technology solutions. Our customer base includes companies from various industrial sectors such as manufacturing, semiconductor, biomedical and energy. Our customers find in us a partner that confidently and reliably provides proprietary technology development in the focused area of thin film coatings.

We offer:

  • Coating and materials testing contracts for customer applications
  • Research and development projects to develop customer products
  • Consulting and engineering services
  • Materials characterization services
  • System development, integration, installation and support

We work closely with our customers to determine their specific needs and goals. The objective is to identify a path forward to providing our customers with competitive coating solutions. Customers are provided with access to our extensive laboratory and engineering resources in coating technologies and applications. Results are treated with strict confidentiality.

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