Development Capabilities

The Systems Group offers technical solutions for scientific systems and instruments to all research groups at Fraunhofer USA CMW. Process equipment as well as its upgrades are designed within the group along with facility infrastructure, maintenance, safety and security. Having these capabilities in house gives Fraunhofer USA CMW an unparalleled level of control in the solutions and services we provide.



The Systems Group has extensive knowledge in electrical components such as power distribution, magnetrons, plasma sources, high power LED’s and lasers, in addition to power electronics (2kA/20kV/2.5GHz). We even have PCB design capabilities which are essential in creating custom systems tailormade to find the solutions collaborators are looking for.  

The assembly & testing of electricals within the group ensure the scientific system is working as expected for accurate results in addition to the safety of its operators. We follow the American codes and standards but also the European codes if needed.



From 3D mechanical design, mechanical drawings to machining and assembly of mechanical setups, the Systems Group has expertise in bringing digital concepts into physical reality at the service of our Center’s technical groups. This is credited to the access Fraunhofer USA CMW has to an on-site machine shop. Our focus on research equipment is gas distribution, process cooling & heating (thermodynamics), rotary and linear drives, pneumatics, vacuum chambers and components, setups and fixtures. 



We are able to integrate mechanical and electrical setups to control and autonomize through custom software developed by collaborating between the groups within the Center. Feedback given by machine operators is taken into account quickly by software developers to create a faster workflow and better results.


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Why Develop Systems?

To bridge the gap between research and industry it is necessary develop and build the systems for new technologies and processes. This accelerates the research and the turnaround time to deploy new technologies to the industry within the center.


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© Fraunhofer USA CMW