Electrochemical Destruction of PFAS with BDD Electrodes


PFAS are per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances that are used in clothing, fire retardants, non-stick applications etc. and extremely difficult to destroy and have adverse health effects. Fraunhofer USA Center Midwest CMW are investigating electrochemical oxidation (EO) with boron-doped diamond (BDD) electrodes. The destructive nature of the technology lends itself to applicability in complex media such as IX regenerates, RO rejects, Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF), industrial wastewaters, and landfill leachates, among others. Whether as a primary treatment option for complex samples or a secondary treatment option for large-scale remediation, EO with BDD electrodes has shown considerable promise for permanent destruction of PFAS compounds.

Our Offer

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Pilot system for PFAS-laden waste stream testing

Fraunhofer USA CMW offers a unique and synergistic blend of individualized process and electrode development to treat complex PFAS laden aqueous solutions from bench to pilot and commercial scale volumes. We offer the design of treatment conditions and reactor configurations that are tailored for specific waste streams and PFAS degradation targets. This includes the optimization of flow rates, current densities, cell geometries, and more.


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Raw Leachate Water treated with BDD Electrode process

1. Cost Reduction

By focusing on optimal process design, material selection, cell geometry, cell longevity and flow, we are able to continually develop cost reduction strategies to meet varying customer requirements.

2. Risk Reduction

Deep experience in collecting and identifying aqueous compounds and byproducts of interest to regulators and industry partners

3. Scale Up

Key to our success is our ability to design and scale our systems to volumes and flow rates relevant to industrial partners’ needs.

4. Analysis

Fraunhofer USA CMW partners with external analytical laboratories to analyze water samples for PFAS and other compounds using EPA approved methods. Furthermore, we offer a wide array of in-house analysis and characterization measurements and techniques for BDD and other electrode materials.

Solutions for Every Market

Fraunhofer USA CMW’s electrochemistry team partners with external organizations in many ways, such as the following:

Enabling Industry and Private Sector Partners



Proven platform for the commercialization and development of novel electrochemical PFAS remediation methodologies, materials and processes to, alongside the private sector, build corporate innovation portfolios and bring new technologies to market.

Trusted Partner of Governmental and Public Sector Partners


Demonstrated track record of partnering with municipalities, NGOs, governmental and forward thinking non-profits to provide actionable insight, risk reduction and economic development opportunities in PFAS remediation. 

Collaborative Research and Academic Partnerships


Leading, coordinating and supporting a blend of funding State, National and Foundational partnerships to further the ’state of the art’ of permanent destruction technologies and processes, electrode design, analysis and characterization.