Powder Nozzle Technology



With this annular gap powder nozzle, a hollow conical focused powder stream is formed at the nozzle exit, which is directed at the work piece coaxially with the laser beam. By means of homogeneous powder distribution, the powder feed is completely independent of the welding direction, so that any desired contour can be created.


Reduced annular gap powder nozzle, based on the COAX8, for 1-inch optics with short focal lengths. Minimization of external dimensions with no change in functionality.

COAX 11 - Wide beam nozzle

The COAX11 nozzle is specially designed for use with rectangular or scanned line laser spots. Powder is fed into the melt pool from channel openings on either side of the head. It is ideal for high power, high deposition rate cladding processes.


The basic assembly of the COAX12 nozzle is similar to the COAX8 type. But, instead of a ring slit, four separate powder streams are directed onto the working point. They form a homogeneous powder spot, which is nearly independent from gravity. Thus, the powder supply is independent from the welding direction as well as from the inclination of the laser head.


With a long narrow nozzle body and a low interference contour diameter of 30 mm, the coaxial powder nozzle COAX13 offers useful features for the coating of difficult-to-access functional areas. As with the COAX12, the powder focus is formed by means of 4 individual powder beams. This also permits working in difficult-to-reach spots.


High powder deposition rate nozzle combined with induction pre-heating for improved production rates and deposit quality.

ID 2 - Internal Cladding Head

Laser powder deposition head for Internal bore cladding of pipes and tubes up to 1m (39” deep). Robust and reliable deposition tested in production for 3 shift 24/7 operation. High deposition rates on rotating components for cladding of tubes, pipes, bores, gun barrels and hard to reach areas.

ID-Diode Laser Internal Cladding Head

High Power Diode Laser powder deposition head for Internal bore cladding of pipes and tubes up to 1m (39”) deep. Developed specifically for use with low to high beam quality fiber coupled diode lasers. This head is suitable for almost any fiber coupled diode laser from 3kW to 6kW power range.

ID-H Internal Hardening Head

The ID-H head allows large area hardening up to 39" deep inside tubes, bores, & hard to reach areas. The processing arm features integrated optics in order to produce a homogenous energy density across a large spot size of up to 1"x1", although other square and rectangular spot sizes are also possible using different optical configurations.

COAXid - Internal Cladding and DMD Head

Construction of 3D features and geometries in a horizontal welding position can be realized on an internal surface without any difficulties using the COAXid. A stable, uninterrupted operation, even in the case of rotational-symmetrical internal areas, has been demonstrated.

Cyclone powder nozzle for lateral powder feed

Using the cyclone powder nozzle, two powder components can be dosed simultaneously and independently of one other. Different powder material types and grain sizes can be mixed homogenously. The cyclone separator separates superfluous carrier gas from the powder. The homogeneous powder mix can be transported at a small feed rate with a low exit speed and high feed consistency without any difficulties.