Induction Assisted Laser Cladding


Fraunhofer has pioneered the combination of its induction heating technology with the laser cladding process for optimum process performance.

Our patented induction assisted cladding technology enables significant improvements in deposition rates and enables improved deposition quality for crack sensitive materials.


  • up to 100% increase in deposition rate
  • improved processing of crack sensitive Materials
  • precise setting of temperature-time profiles to obtain required microstructures
  • lower investment costs for increasing deposition rates

Laser Applications

  • Oil drilling equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Industrial Pipes / Rods / Shafts
  • Processing of crack sensitive materials


  • Oil and Gas
  • Power generation
  • Mining
  • Construction Equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Shipbuilding
  • Offshore


  • Cobalt based alloys
  • Nickel based alloys
  • Tungsten Carbide