Diamor® Coating

Diamor® is the hardest and most wear resistant type within the group of diamond-like carbon materials. Diamor®, scientifically classified as tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C) is purely composed of carbon atoms with a majority in sp3 atomic bond configuration as found in diamond. It is not only renowned for its exceptional hardness but also exhibits a low coefficient of friction and chemical inertness.

The material properties can be further engineered to meet the demands of specific applications. For example, in addition to hardness and wear resistance, properties such as hydrophobicity or transparency can be achieved by doping the films.

Diamor® is also biocompatible making it an excellent coating material for medical device applications. It is deposited at low temperature, allowing heat sensitive materials such as tempered steels and even polymers to be coated.


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Diamor® Applications

The high hardness and low friction of ta-C coatings in conjunction with biocompatibility and chemical resistance are particularly suitable for:

Components and parts in automotive and mechanical engineering, e.g. piston pins and rings, pump components, etc.

Cutting and forming tools

Components for packaging, food processing and textile machinery that do not tolerate lubrication

Implants, components, devices for the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry

Protective coatings for temperature sensitive materials

Diamor® Coating Properties

Hardness: ≤60 GPa

Young’s modulus: ≤600 GPa

Coefficient of friction: 0.1 (dry); < 0.05 (lubricated)

Thermal stability: 400°C (air); 650°C (vacuum)

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