Laser Welding and Joining



We are the experts in state of the art laser welding technology and have successfully developed many new applications which have now been transferred into volume production improving efficiency and product quality for our many industrial clients.

Non Metals

Fraunhofer has also developed laser welding processes for thermoplastic materials. Fraunhofer has developed special transparent tooling and fixture devices for holding parts during welding of plastics. In addition to plastic to plastic joints, plastic to metal and other types of joining have been developed.


Process Monitoring

Fraunhofer has developed both the hardware and required software for monitoring of laser welding applications. For both seam and spot welding applications, we have high speed camera vision capability that can record the welding process in real-time and provide both image and video data from the process as well as the important signal information about the process.

Henry Ford Technology Award

We received the Henry Ford Technology Award for laser welding process development for improved roof strength on the F150 Truck.