Inner Diameter Laser Hardening

New Innovation

The new Fraunhofer CLA ID-H Hardening head can be used to carry out laser beam hardening of hardenable steels and cast iron materials in confined spaces, typically inside rotating cylinders or tubes.

Process Advantages

  • Precise and localized heat input
  • Outstanding wear properties
  • Self-quenching process
  • Low loss of part ductility
  • No need for post-process machining
  • Minimal heat input and hence low thermal distortion

Laser Applications

  • Oil drilling components
  • Pipes, valves and bearing bushings
  • Plastic extrusion barrel
  • Heavy machinery components


  • Oil and Gas
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Tooling and Die Manufacturing


  • Tool steels
  • Nickel superalloys
  • Cast iron and steel alloys