Laser Cladding


Wear and Corrosion Protection / Remanufacturing

We have over 20 years experience in the field of laser cladding technology and laser nozzle development specifically for wear, corrosion and remanufacturing applications. We have successfully transferred our technology into volume production for many industrial customers throughout North America...

ID (Internal Diameter) Laser Cladding

Fraunhofer has pioneered the development of state of the art innovative processing heads which enable laser cladding to be carried out inside tubes, pipes and other hard to reach places. Our ID head features our latest innovative design concepts and features internal water cooling and powder delivery...

Induction Assisted Laser Cladding

Fraunhofer has pioneered the combination of its induction heating technology with the laser cladding process for optimum process performance. Our patented induction assisted cladding technology enables significant improvements in deposition rates and enables improved deposition quality for crack sensitive materials.

Diamond Laser Cladding

Fraunhofer’s patented diamond cladding technology enables deposition of natural or synthetic diamond particles in a proprietary alloy matrix for enhanced wear protection when compared to conventional materials such as Tungsten Carbide.