Non Metals


Laser Plastic Welding

We have more than 15 years of experience in developing laser plastic welding processes for a wide variety of industrial applications. For laser plastic welding to work, the upper part should have high transmission for laser beam while the lower part should have higher absorbance. The weld is “hidden” between the two overlapping plastics without effecting the part surface.

Laser Glass Welding

Laser welding of glass has been developed for borosilicate glass using CO2 laser. Due of glass susceptibility to cracking, the process requires careful development. A number of joints such as butt, penetration overlap, T- and fillet edge joints have been successfully achieved. Cross-section of welded joints shows a very smooth transition between the joined glass wafers.

Laser Metal-Polymer Bonding

Fraunhofer has thoroughly investigated and developed unique laser bonding process of dissimilar materials. Biocompatible polymers such as polyurethane or polymide can be laser bonded to titanium or stainless steel. Laser heating has high spatial and temporal control to maintain critical specific bonding temperature...