Fraunhofer USA CCD

Located in East Lansing, Michigan. Since 1998 our team of experienced process engineers develops coating solutions based on physical and chemical vapor deposition (PVD, CVD) technologies.

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Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode

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Diamond-Like Carbon Coated Piston Rings

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Diamond Electronics

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PVD Coated Sample Analysis

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3D Printing

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Making Innovation a Reality

The Fraunhofer USA Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies CCD is your professional research partner to develop your applications and products using thin film coatings and diamond materials.

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Fraunhofer USA CCD

1449 Engineering Research Ct, B100

48824-1226 East Lansing, MI USA


Phone: +1 517 432 8709

Fax: +1 517 432 8167


Our center bridges the gap between basic research and industry. We provide first class applied R&D services and offer

- Material and process development

- Coating Analysis

- Consulting service


Fraunhofer USA CCD offers a variety of solutions including the state-of-the-art deposition module LaserArc and non-destructive analysis equipment LAwave.