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Process Monitoring Control Cabinet
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Process Monitoring Control Cabinet
Process Monitoring Software
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Process Monitoring Software

Real-time process visualization and monitoring remains a key area of importance for use of lasers in commercial production applications such as laser welding.

Fraunhofer has developed both the hardware and required software for monitoring of laser welding applications. For both seam and spot welding applications, we have high speed camera vision capability that can record the welding process in real-time and provide both image and video data from the process as well as the important signal information about the process.

This information is processed and calibrated with reference signal based on pre-determined actual ‘good’ weld measurements. Using customized image processing algorithms, it is possible to detect a number of common weld defects.

Key Features

  • Turn-key laser in-process monitoring system
  • High speed camera (frame rate up to 750 fps) with illumination
  • Robust industrial system can be integrated in excisting laser welding setup
  • Defect detection operator feedback (OK/NOK)


  • Continuous real-time visualization of weld process
  • Image processing algorithms for process monitoring
  • Direct image and video data

Laser Applications

  • Visualization of laser welding process
    • For setup and welding process troubleshooting
    • For operator training
  • Monitoring and defect detection operator feedback (OK/NOK)
    • Weld penetration depth (melt pool behavior)
    • Sheet gap in lap joint
    • Custom defect detection algorithms
  • Documentation of complete processing videos


  • Automotive
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Sheet metal fabrication


  • Carbon Steel
  • Coated Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum


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