Diamond Crystals and Substrates

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Due to its unique combination of extraordinary physical properties, single crystalline diamond (SCD) is of great interest for advanced optical and electronic applications. Examples include optical spectrometer windows, high power density X-ray monochromators, intracavity heat spreaders for solid-state lasers and electronic applications requiring n- or p-type doped crystals. Over the past decade synthesis technology for making single crystal diamonds has significantly improved with the goal to produce the material in larger quantities, larger areas and more cost effectively. We offer the fabrication of crystals tailored to our customers specifications.


  Single crystalline diamond

  Thickness of up to several millimeters

  Lateral dimensions per seed of up to 7 x 7mm2

  Simultaneous deposition on up to 88 crystals

  Boron doping (p-type) for conductive and blue diamond

  Phosphorous doping (n-type)

  Laser cutting and polishing


The crystals are grown by microwave plasma assisted chemical vapor depostion using single crystalline seed crystals.


  Substrates for diamond electronics (high power, high speed, high temperature)

  Single crystalline optical windows (e.g. ATR crystals, optical probe windows)

  Radiation detectors

  Industrial, surgical and scientific tooling

  Substrates for the fabrication of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)

  Optical and Raman probe windows