XRD Analysis

Fraunhofer USA CMW houses an advanced crystal measurement platform of x-ray diffraction (XRD) supporting the analysis of small to large area thin film and bulk crystalline material. The XRD platform is designed to support microstructure measurement of polycrystalline coatings or films, bulk crystals, and powder samples.


Capabilities include selectable point measurement on sample, microbeam x-ray spot size, 0 – 100 mm diameter area mapping of crystalline microstructure, texture analysis, residual stress analysis, phase identification, and microstructural analysis as a function of location (0, 1, and 2D mapping). System features include:

Linked CCD camera picture to measurement location

Small (300 micron) to large (15 mm) x-ray spot size

Small to large (up to 100 mm diameter) sample sizes

Sample positioning in 5 dimensions; x, y, z, φ (yaw), and χ (roll) with ± 5 micron accuracy

3 kW Cu Kα source of x-rays (1.5406 Å)

Enhanced signal to noise 0D scintillation detector

Low (fast) to high (slow) resolution optics

Software packages; residual stress, texture, phase identification, reciprocal space mapping, 0D to 2D area data visualization

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