Laser Applications


Laser sources

Our state of the art laser application facility features the latest and greatest in laser technology with a wide range of lasers from 4kW to 10kW output power.

Universal 6 axis robot system

High Precision 6-axis robot cell for Remote laser and Hybrid welding applications.


Universal 8 axis robot system

Robot cell with two axis positioner for flexible Laser applications e.g. Laser cladding and Laser welding of complex shaped parts. Induction heating is also available.

8 axis laser material processing cell

Up to 20 ft long parts can be processed using our high accuracy robotic welding and cladding cell which features a 10 ft linear track and rotary axis. This cell can be used for remote and fixed optic laser welding, Hybrid welding and both OD and ID laser cladding.

CNC - Laser welding and cutting cell

6-axis CNC machine for welding and cutting of various automotive and aerospace components, features integrated motorized zoom and Dual-core fiber allowing quick change of laser spot size and focus position.

CNC - laser welding cell

5-axis CNC machine for welding of powertrain components, features integrated 3-axis 120 kW induction heating system for welding of crack-sensitive materials.

Metallographic Laboratory

We have a fully equipped methallographic laboratory for sample preparation and analysis, including analysis of cross sections and microhardness testing. Tensile and Fatique testing is also available upon request.