Micro Additive Manufacturing


Fraunhofer has developed a novel approach for Micro LAM which deploys several low power beams simultaneously, each precisely controllable with a minimum heat input thus providing the capability to tailor the applied energy to the specific needs of the application. The single beams either work in parallel to scale productivity without sacrificing precision or in close proximity creating desired heat profiles.  

The prototype 250 W system has demonstrated a new approach for combining and steering of two high brightness diode laser beams to tailor the temperature profile in the focal spot to the specific needs of the application. A compact powder nozzle was developed which produces a small powder focus and a consistent flow.  


  • Tailored intensity profiles
  • Pre and post heating
  • Ability to deposit fine features with high resolution
  • Several individually controlled low power beams for higher precision

Laser Applications

  • Micro laser additive manufacturing
  • High resolution feature deposition
  • Deposition of crack sensitive material
  • Pre and post heating


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Medical devices
  • Repair and coatings
  • Aerospace


  • Stainless steel
  • Inconel 738

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