Laser Brazing


High quality brazing is also possible using laser technology.

Laser Brazing uses a lower melting point filler wire material which is melted by the laser beam to form a brazed joint with extremely high quality and surface appearance. Indeed automotive Class A quality finishes are possible with little or no after weld polishing.


  • High quality surface finish (Class A Automotive)
  • Low heat input and less distortion compared to laser welding
  • Joining of disimilar metals
  • Less investment costs due to lower beam quality and laser power requirements

Laser Applications

  • Body-in-white Laser Brazing (car roof, trunk lid, doors, C-pillar)
  • Laser Brazing of fittings and engine components
  • Laser Brazing of Appliances


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Appliances
  • General fabrication
  • Medical instruments


  • Advanced High Strength Steels
  • Hardenable Steel
  • Zinc coated Steel